For Families

My approach will be tailored to each child and family. 

Personal Approach

My service is family focused, inclusive and supportive.

The methods and ideas that I have developed are practical, flexible, tried and tested. Much of my interaction with families is based on games and play and uses the strengths and motivation present in every child.
My approach will be tailored to each child and family. Every child is different and every parent and carer has different preferences as well as differing demands and stresses on their family and working lives: each child and family needs an unique approach. My varied experience has taught me to be open to different families’ personal circumstances and their own interactions with their child. If I suggest changes, I recognise that any change of routine needs to be fully discussed and introduced gradually.

Delivering my service

All my input is done with the collaboration of families and carers.
I have found that the most successful way to deliver my service is that we meet, at a time best for the family, in your home environment to fully discuss your needs, your child, your routines, your practical concerns, and the areas where we both think that I can best assist and support you.
My method is to initially learn about your child by observing you and your child together through family routine, play activity, the things you enjoy doing and the things you currently find challenging. I will then invite you to observe me interacting with your child; where I suggest positive changes, it will be my intention to inform you, and teach you about the detail, methods and reasoning behind my activities. This is a three-way partnership between myself, you as the prime carers, and your child.

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