About Me

Because I’ll be working closely with you, and your family or business, here is a little bit about me.

Ben King

Personal Profile

I am a fun, energetic and caring person who loves working with children with special educational needs. This allows me to utilise all of my skill sets and training to help and enhance children’s lives –  ‘Making a difference’.
Throughout my career I have built positive relationships with children, their parents and wider agencies alike. I am very child-centred always looking to see the bigger picture through observing situations and behaviours, including home visits to support families.

Outside of my professional life I keep active, love to cycling, running, sailing, hiking and playing Ultimate Frisbee. Anything based outdoors –  I tend to enjoy! More recently I’ve developed a passion for gardening and cooking which has linked in well with providing additional skills to enhance my professional skills – creating positive outdoor spaces for families and encouraging the exploration of new foods and diets.  


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