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With an active hands-on approach, I have a clear dedicated purpose to provide bespoke practical advice to help and support families of children with autism and provide practical advice and support for businesses. 

What my clients say...

Ben has been instrumental in resolving a number of challenges we experienced with our 4 year old. Unlike most therapy sessions, the duration of time Ben was able to offer us as a family meant that we could really explore some of the key day-to-day challenges that we needed to learn how to understand and move forward from. Ben’s approach is 100% child-centred and best of all, completely relatable to the home setting as opposed to idealised scenarios that require expert equipment or training. He has genuinely been the life-line between my husband and I reaching our son again and isn’t that what every neuro-typical or neuro-diverse parent wants? To understand their child to the fullest and through that knowledge give them every opportunity to be the best version of themselves.
Tory C
Ben came to support our daughter in the home for an intensive week of work ! We were initially concerned, as we were unsure what to expect, however our worries were soon forgotten . Ben made whole experience fun using play base methods and fitted into our family and how we worked as a unit. In a week our daughter achieved things we couldn’t have imagined. She began to make verbal sentences, ‘I want pink biscuits and teddy please’ whereas before we would get one word requests. Ben also managed to support her to start cycling, go to the shop and eat a wider range of food. It was an incredible week and our family will never forget the support Ben gave us.
Claire & Gavin
Mum & Dad
Having worked with Ben over many years I have to say his enthusiasm and energy levels are infectious. I am always in awe of his ability to handle even the toughest of children and how he constantly searches for alternative solutions in tricky situations. Ben is creative in his thinking, which is often 'outside of the box' however, he remains realistic with his expectations as to what can be achieved within a given timescale. He often uses the outside environment to support his fun, child-centred approach which provides a wealth of opportunities for learning. Ben’s passion for supporting children with autism is clear. He is driven to make a difference and I wholeheartedly recommend working with him. I look forward to collaborating with Ben again in the future.
Vicky B
International ASC specialist Teacher

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