3 Day Intensive Family Session

The goal of this session is to enable and empower you to have the confidence in understanding your child’s needs, behaviours and challenges - developing tools that you are able to utilise in your day to day lives as a family.

For me to best support, educate and advise you – in my experience the most successful way to approach this is to spend three days (or more) with your family in your home environment undertaking your usual routine. This means that your child and their main caregiver (i.e. parent) will need to be present with me on all days. 

This enables me to identify the foundation for our engagement together and starts the process of building a positive relationship with your child. I will be in contact prior to the 3 days to enable me to ask a few questions to prepare me for my visit.

"If you have met one child who has autism, you have met one child with autism”

Please be aware my approach is flexible and subject to change as led by your child. However, to give you some insight into a typical session here is a broad overview:

Day 1

I observe and interact with your child within their normal routine – during which I will look to gain information from yourselves as parents/carers throughout the day.

Day 2

I’ll commence working with yourselves as parents discussing an overview plan to support your child which may include behaviour, communication, independence and social interaction. These are the 4 domains which I specialise in, and allow us to develop appropriate resources and strategies personalised to your child’s individuality.

Day 3

We will then start to implement the resources and strategies with your child – firstly where I will demonstrate these with your child, then we together will ensure you are able carry on using them. 

By the end of day 3 we will evaluate together the previous 3 days, sharing our thoughts and reflections and I will answer any questions you may have. From this we will collectively make a medium-term plan on goals that you and your child wish to achieve. This varies from family to family, but here are some examples:

Walking to the play park, going to the shop, buying new shoes, going ice skating, independently changing clothes, trying and exploring new foods, leaning to ride a bike….the list goes on(!)

What I do is not a miracle, however what I can assure you is with hard work and dedication to our approach of working together we will achieve the ‘wow’ moments which I have reached with every family I have worked with to date.

What's next?

This is a decision to me made by you and your family. We will discuss what support you want/need and identify the frequency within which future consultation days will happen. Options include fixed days weekly or on a monthly basis – and this is likely to change being led by your child’s progression. My service is led by whatever works best for your child and your whole family.

My approach in a snapshot...

Step 1
Initial consultation + 3 days spent with your family and I.

Step 2
By the end of the initial consultation you will have your child-centred approach outlined for you to implement moving forward.

Step 3
Needs led, my consultation thereafter would vary from once a week to once every 2 months dependant on your family targets regarding your child’s life skills, developmental progress or any other specific challenges as they arise. 

Ben has achieved things with my son that I never thought were possible!

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